Problems tagging people in facebook

If you are trying to tag a friend in a facebook comment and when you start typing their name, a pop-up link doesn’t show with their name, then make sure that you are typing their name starting with a Capital letter.

Samsung Phone System Sounds

You may have noticed the four volume sliders in your Samsung/Android phone settings.The first volume control is the “Ringing” volume control. This controls the sound of the phone when someone calls you.The second volume control is the “Media” volume control. This controls the volume when you play media on your phone such as music or …

Keep your devices software updated!

We recently received a trouble call that a customer’s Samsung Galaxy note was not working properly. She couldn’t download emails and the Tablet was making unusual sounds when the customer wasn’t doing anything. It was also exhibiting abnormal behaviour.I brought the device back to our office and looked to see if the Tablet needed any …

IRS Scam

Here is another Scam purportedly from the IRS. Companies will never contact you like this. Scammers want to get a hold of your banking information. Never ever respond to these people. Unless you have initiated the contact personally, then must not trust this type of Phishing scam.