Jackie is proud to announce that she is conducting CaseLines training.
The Caselines training package consists of five one-hour lessons in the comfort and safety of your office.

From gathering multimedia evidence, through compiling documentary evidence, to review, and on to court, Caselines provides a single, secure home in which to manage all types of evidence. Already used by police, prosecutors, lawyers and judges around the world, our revolutionary platform takes judicial digitisation to the next level.

The benefits of the CaseLines system:

  • The only system purpose-built for the legal world
  • The only economic system for large or small cases
  • Highest levels of security based on proven technology
  • Convenient Cloud-based collaboration
  • Simple to use – minimal training required
  • Works in multiple courts with thousands of users
  • Less chance of mislaid or corrupted evidence
  • Fully traceable Audit Trail – effortless version control
  • Multimedia capable – One-click video streaming in court

For price information, please visit our Corporate training rate schedule