Mission Statement

There are thousands of PC users who “get by” but who, in reality, could be considerably more productive and efficient if their knowledge was enhanced. The training principles offered by Comp-U-Train, aim to increase PC user ability through proven tips, hints and explanations in a flexible and easily understood format. We have a reputation for professionalism at highly competitive rates.

What We Offer

  • Hands-on training for small groups (maximum of 10 students) at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level
  • Customised training for individuals
  • One-on-one coaching at management level
  • Keeping you engaged using patient teaching methods
  • Training is offered at your office/home or at our training venue
  • If required, we will assess levels of competence and commence training at an appropriate level
  • User manual provided
  • A certificate of completion is issued, indicating the level of competence attained
  • HR or other managers are given a feedback report on each participant’s progress
  • Email support is offered to every participant for a period of 4 weeks after completion of the course
  • On-site Assessment
  • Cost-effective training
  • Master the internet for research, shopping, communication and more
  • Create original invitations, greeting cards, personal stationery, gifts
  • Design your own timetables, spreadsheets, documents
  • Organize your digital photos – download, store, email, edit
  • Learn about new software, skills, tips, shortcuts, accessories

At Comp-U-Train, we are firm believers in correctly assessing all of our delegates before training commences, to assure the best results. We have an international assessment programme which allows us to create customised tests or use Microsoft recognised tests to achieve this. Our courses are then structured around the outcome of this process.

At Comp-U-Train, we strive to ensure that every person attending our training, is instilled with the necessary knowledge required to achieve their highest potential, as they grow to become more confident and more competent in their own computer skills and techniques. Learning to use a computer is a journey and should be relished rather than rushed. Jackie will help you to succeed, exceed and Excel (pun intended). After Jackie’s training, you too, will feel empowered!

For more information about our services, please contact Jackie:

Cell: 078 017 6045
Email: [email protected]