Lenovo Windows update stuck at 61% and also showing a yellow Pause icon.

We took possession of a customer’s Lenovo laptop, that was stuck doing the latest Windows update. Also there was a yellow “Pause” symbol showing as in the image below.
This symbol normally shows if you have delayed the update, however this was not the case in this particular situation.
However you should also see a button called “Resume Updates” however this button was missing.The Windows update Troubleshooter couldn’t fix the problem and Windows media creation tool update software said that the computer was up to date.

This stuck Windows update problem arises if you install the optional “Conexant” driver on your Lenovo computer.

If this happens to you, go into the Device Manager on your computer and scroll down to the “Sound, video and game controllers” device item in the list.
Expand this item and if you see “Conexant audio” or “Conexant audio HD” showing, right click the item and left click choose to uninstall it. Also tick the box to remove the drivers.
Now restart your computer and run the Windows Update again.
The Pause icon should be gone and the Windows will either be ready to Restart, or continue with the updating.

The problem occurs because of a conflict with the Conexant audio driver and Windows itself.
Don’t worry that you’ll lose your computer’s sound because the Conexant audio driver will be replaced with the compatible Windows HD audio driver.

Needless to say that the customer was very happy and could rest assured that the computer was updated and safe to use.