Internet Banking and E-Commerce

Comp-U-Train is very proud to announce a new training package called “Internet Banking and E-Commerce”.

Jackie will teach you how to do Internet banking so that you will avoid the common pitfalls.
It is a fact that in a move to increase profit, more and more banks are forcing their loyal cheque writing customers to move to this new online method of modern banking; even as soon as by the end of 2015 when they will no longer accept cheques!

Understandibly, this is causing a lot of trepidation through the populace as the task can be quite daunting. Jackie will help smooth your journey through this transition into the new 21st century method of online banking over the Internet.

After completing the Interent Banking and E-Commerce package, Jackie will have you proficient with terms such as “OTP”(One Time PIN); “beneficiaries” once-off-payments transfers and saving payment notifications!

A logical progression of being au fait with online banking, is that it opens up the exciting world of Internet shopping or E-Commerce! E-Commerce is “Electronic Commerce” and is the modern day way to shop for goods & services bought on the Internet from online retailers such as Takealot and Pick n Pay.
If you are not mobile or have access to transportation, many supermarkets now offer online ordering and delivery to your door and which you will be able to confidentally avail yourself of after you have completed this new package.

Similarly, there are many E-Commerce sites which allow you to order goods and services online and have them delivered directly to your front door!

Jackie will open your eyes to a new and exciting world where the retail therapy possiblities are endless!