Introduction To MS-Word

  • Opening Word
  • Starting a document
  • The various aspects of a document
  • The toolbars in Word
  • The views in Word
  • Entering formation in to Word
  • Editing features of Word
  • Creating various paragraphs in Word
  • Inserting numbering and bullets
  • Inserting borders into documents
  • Checking the spellng and using the Word dictionary
  • Using cut, copy and paste
  • Using format painter
  • Using undo and redo
  • Inserting tables
  • Using various short cuts
  • E mailing a document from Word
  • Saving a document properly

Duration: 1 Day Pre-Requisites: Introduction to PCs

Intermediate MS-Word

  • Advanced editing features
  • Advanced paragraph features
  • The finer features of tables
  • Inserting a chart into Word
  • Linking information into Word
  • Using the mail merge features of Word
  • Creating columns in Word
  • Inserting excel into Word
  • Working with pictures in Word
  • Creating templates
  • Creating text styles
  • Using outlined numbering
  • Creating tabs in Word
  • Creating diagrams in Word
  • Creating envelopes in Word
  • Creating labels in Word
  • Using headers and footers
  • Using the page numbering

Duration: 1 Day Pre-Requisites: MS-Word Introduction

Advanced MS-Word

  • Creating table of contents
  • Creating indexes
  • Using hyperlinks
  • Using macros
  • Using cross references
  • Using footers
  • Using find and replace
  • Inserting page breaks
  • Using speech recognition
  • Using track and trace
  • Protecting your document
  • Online collaboration
  • Comparing documents

Duration: 1 Day Pre-Requisites: MS-Word Intermediate