PC Applications

Introduction To PCs & MS-Windows

  • How a PC works
  • The various parts of a PC
  • The various terminologies used
  • What is Hardware and Software
  • The desktop
  • The important programs on the desktop
  • The various uses of the mouse
  • The importance of the right click
  • The correct procedures to shut down the PC
  • The correct procedures to save a document
  • The various ways to save information
  • Introduction to the Windows Operating System
  • The use of Windows Explorer
  • The managing of documents
  • The deleting of documents
  • The use of the recycle bin
  • The copying of documents
  • The pasting of documents
  • The cutting of documents
  • The drag and drop procedure

Duration: ½ day

PC Maintainance

  • Protecting your PC from Malware (Malicious Software)
  • Windows Updates
  • Making Recovery discs
  • Data backups

Duration: ½ day