Cannot connect to Hotel Wifi landing page

We recently stayed in a Hotel and needed to access the Internet using the complimentary Wi-Fi access.

Unfortunately, whenever we opened the web browser on our phone, it would not automatically be directed to the Hotel’s “landing page” which is where you enter your guest credentials, in order to be granted access to the Hotel’s Wi-Fi Internet service.
This landing page, also known as a “Captive Portal” helps the owner of the Wi-Fi network control who accesses their Wi-Fi. This is a better solution than using an unrestricted Wi-Fi password.

The funny thing was that this was only a problem with our mobile phone. Out tablet’s browser connected to the landing page (also called interstitial login page) with no problem whatsoever.

I tried various fixes suggested on the Internet, such as clearing the browser cache as well as opening a secure “incognito tab” but these suggestions didn’t help.

Eventually, the way that I was able to connect to the landing page, was to open the browser and manually type the IP address of the Hotel’s router which was into the browser’s address bar and press the enter key. If this IP address doesn’t work, then you can also try or or

A caveat is when you open the browser again, you may still see the landing page, despite still being connected to the Wi-Fi network. If this is the case, don’t be fooled. Simply go directly to your required webpage rather than entering your credentials again. Only enter your credentials if you see a question mark on the Wi-Fi icon at the top of the equipment’s screen.

Please see the screengrabs of the Hotel’s captive portal below: