Change Google Home Wi-Fi network

We recently attended a customer that had changed their Internet Service Provider. They received a new Wi-Fi router and after setting it up, they found out that their Google Home speakers could not connect to the Internet.
This was because the new router had a new name and the Google Home devices listed on her cell/mobile phone were still connected to her old Wi-Fi network which didn’t exist anymore.
Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to change the Wi-Fi network that the devices connect to in the Google Home app in one fell swoop.
The easiest method to try first, if you are able to log into the administrator page of the Wi-Fi router, is to change the default Wi-Fi network name back to the name of the old router; including the old password and then see if the devices can now connect to the Internet.
If this doesn’t work, then the next easiest thing to do, is to reset the devices one at a time and use the Google Home application to re-add the devices one by one to join your new Wi-Fi network.
You need to be very close to each device when you add it using the application so that your cell/mobile device can easily find and connect to the Google device.
To see how to reset various Google Home devices, please click here to view the Google support page