Google Drive storage size warning when uploading files to shared folder

We had a customer that was given access to a shared folder of another friend’s Google Drive in which to deposit files.
Her friend had a Google Drive storage size of many Gigabytes available while our customer only had a free Google account, that only had a couple of Gigabytes left.

The free Google account gives you 15GB of storage space which is shared between all of your Google services.

She had tried to upload some large files from her computer to the shared folder only to be told she has run out of storage space.

She called me to ask when was this the case.

The reason is that even though you have uploaded the files to another person’s shared folder, the files are still linked to your account since you must be logged into your Google account in order to upload the files in the first place.

The other person had only provided the folder to be shared with, but the files contained within, do not count towards her storage size, it still is counted against yours.