Easy way to replace Wi-Fi router

We recently attended a tech call to replace the customer’s Wi-Fi router as the existing one had gotten damaged by a power surge.

The customer was not happy about the prospect that lay ahead with rejoining her dozen or so devices to the new router. This new router had a new password and Wi-Fi network name also known as the SSID.

I was able to gather some information about her existing router which would help me install the new router with the minimum convenience.

This information was the three parameters used by the existing router.
Firstly I was able to gather the Wi-Fi network name. Second I was able to gather the password for the old router and lastly I was able to gather the type of security encryption used by the old router which was WPA-PSK.
I then simply logged into the new router and changed the parameters to match the old router. After rebooting each device, they all easily joined the new router.