Transferring SMS messages between Android smartphones

We recently attended a service call, where a customer had bought a new Android phone and after inserting the old SIM card, discovered that the SMS messages had not transferred over from her old phone.

SMS messages are not retained on the SIM card for security reasons.

If you use the excellent Samsung “Smart Switch” app (application or programme) to transfer your information from your old to your new phone, then the SMS messages are transferred across.

However what happens if your old phone has been lost or stolen or broken. To prevent this situation, we use and recommend the excellent app called “SMS Backup & Restore” which you can download for free from the Google Play Store. This amazing app saves your SMS messages to the Cloud. You can choose which Cloud service that you want to use. In this case, we used the customer’s Google account.

Luckily the customer had her old phone at hand; but rather than use the aforementioned Smart Switch app, we installed the SMS Backup & Restore app on both her old and new phone. This way, her SMS will be backed up to the Cloud going forward automatically.

With this app, we were able to easily back up her SMS to the Cloud on her old phone and then restore them to her new phone!