Synchronising S Planner calendars between Android phones

We were recently called to a customer’s home who operates an events organising business, to solve the problem about why a calendar event that she had created in the “S Planner” calendar on one of her Android phones, was not synchronising to her other phone; or showing up on her computer Google calendar, which is stored in the Cloud.

This lack of a backup per se, exposes the customer to a potential catastrophe, because if something happens to this one phone, she will lose visibility of ALL future calendar events that she had created, which would cause many problems professionally and financially to her events organising business.

Arriving at the customer’s home, the first troubleshooting step was logging into the customer’s Cloud calendar at Google, which showed no event entries, which proved that the calendar events were only being stored locally on the one phone, where they were created.

The Android phone has three calendars. One is “My Calendar”; one is “Samsung Calendar” and the third is the Google Calendar.

The fact that we could not see the event on the Cloud calendar, proved that the event was being entered into the incorrect calendar.

When a new event was being entered into the phone, it was being entered into the first choice which meant the event only stayed on the customer’s phone that created it, rather than being shared to the Cloud and other devices.

The fix was to create a new event. Then you will Calendars” on the top left corner of the screen, as shown in the picture below. This resulted in a drop-down menu being displayed. The customer chose the Google Calendar and proceeded to create a test event. When the Google Calendar is chosen, you will get a warning message that this calendar cannot be synced to the Kies software. Choose not to see this message again as your new events going forward will be recorded in the Cloud.

After creating a new event sure enough, the event appeared on her Cloud Calendar and subsequently on her other Android phone. Any events that have already been created will not upload to the Cloud. Only new events going forward will be sent to the Cloud.

One final note is to check that the S Planner Calendar is set to show ALL Calendars. You do this by clicking the three vertical dots on the top right corner and choosing Calendars from the drop-down menu. Make sure that the “All calendars” box is ticked.