Upgrading to Windows 10 stuck at 90%

We recently had a customer who brought her laptop to us out of frustration because she couldn’t upgrade from Windows 8.1 to the new Windows 10 OS (Operating System).

Every time that she tried to perform the upgrade, the upgrade installation reached 90% and would go no further. She left it overnight but awoke to the same Microsoft spinning progress wheel.

We immediately checked her laptop to see if there were any outstanding Windows 8.1 updates. This revealed that there were over 800MB (Megabytes) of updates to be downloaded and installed. It is very important that all Microsoft updates are performed prior to any OS upgrades.

Before installing these updates, we firstly ran a full anti-virus scan using the customer’s AVG anti-virus software as well as a thorough anti-malware scan using the brilliant Malwarebytes anti-malware application. Despite the anti-virus scan showing up no infections, Malwarebytes showed over 100 PUPs!(Potentially Unwanted Programmes). PUPs may seem innocuous, but one of our work computers could not connect to the Internet after it had been infected with numerous PUPs. These PUPs were downloaded innocently as part of a gaming app. After cleaning the computer with Malwarebytes, normal Internet service to the computer was restored!

Comp-U-Train uses and recommends Malwarebytes.

Now satisfied that the customer’s laptop was clean of malware, we installed the Microsoft updates and then proceeded with the Windows 10 upgrade. After one hour, the laptop rebooted into Windows 10.

Because July 29th 2016 has come and gone, we warned the customer that she may have missed the boat with the free Windows 10 upgrade. Luckily, because she had already secured her free Windows 10 upgrade when trying to perform the upgrade, her laptop was activated with a Microsoft Windows 10 digital licence key.

Needless to say our customer is very happy with her new Microsoft Windows 10 laptop!