Ctrl z safety net

We have a customer that tells us that when she is writing a long email using the Windows 10 mail app, all of a sudden the text disappears. This has happened on a few occasions and upsets her unnecessarily since she is elderly and all of her hard work that has taken a great deal of her precious time has been wasted.

To try to retrieve her email, she closes the message using the “x” at the top right hand corner and looks in drafts.

In drafts the saved email shows no text!

We have discovered that during the course of writing the email, she accidentally presses Ctrl key and the letter a. This action highlights the whole text of the message. The next character that she types erases all of the text!

We instructed her that the next time this happens, she should press the Ctrl key and then the z (upper or lower case is not important). This action serves to “undo” her action and saves the deleted text.

There is a free app called “Keytweak” which allows you do disable the ctrl key if this situation causes you repeated problems. You can download it from here click me