Export Word document contacts table to Outlook 2013

Do you have a Microsoft Word document containing a table with contacts that you want to export to your Microsoft Outlook 2013 contacts?

  1. Open your Word document and click anywhere in the table and you will see “Table Tools” appear above the ribbon
  2. Click Layout on the far right of the ribbon. (Note, not “Page Layout”)


  1. Next, click the “Convert to Text” button at the end of the ribbon


  1. On the box that pops up, choose to convert the table using “Commas” and click OK
  2. Next, Click OK to the “File Conversion” window that appears


  1. Now click the “File” tab and select “Save As”. Choose to save the document as a text file. After you have saved the file, change the extension from “.txt” to “.csv”



  1. Now open Microsoft Outlook and choose People. Create a new contact group and then click the File tab
  2. Select “Open & Export”
  3. Choose Import or Export and select Common Separated Values (Windows)
  4. Choose the default selection
  5. Select not to import duplicates
  6. Point to the csv file that you created earlier






  1. In the “Map Custom Fields” wizard, map the respective fields from the left “Value” window to the right side “Field/Mapped from” window. Use the Next and Previous buttons until you see the elements appearing together in the left hand window. Then drag and drop each value element over to the right hand side Field column which will represent each value that is in your csv file.For example, after mapping the fields, you can see that the Resident Names that are in my Word table, will appear as Name in the Outlook contacts. You can see the Value appear under the right hand window “Mapped from” side of the wizard.


  1. Lastly, click “OK” and then “Finish” and you’ll see your contacts populate the Outlook contact group that you created earlier!