USB drive needs to be formatted

If you plug in your USB drive and get an error message that the disk is not formatted, don’t press the “Format disk” button!

Don’t do it otherwise you’ll overwrite the FAT data or the data itself (depending on how you did the formatting).

Instead, click Cancel.

Take note of the drive letter of the USB drive.

This error is commonly caused by pulling the USB drive out of the socket on your computer before it has been safely unmounted by the Operating System. Always choose to “Safely remove hardware and eject media” from the system tray on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Open a command prompt by typing cmd at the start menu. This will open a black box called a DOS (Disk Operating System) window.

Now type chkdsk x: /f

and then enter where x is the drive letter you obtained above.

It’s funny that this command works, whereas when right clicking the drive and selecting to fix errors, gives the can’t access drive message.