Laptop fan running at full speed and noisy in Windows 10

We recently attended a call from a customer with a brand new laptop whose fan was running at full speed and quite noisy.

This fan noise can sometimes be attributed to a laptop that is overheating because of excessive dust or “fur balls” inside the unit. However, because this laptop was out of-the-box, we disputed this reason. Other customers have reported to us, that this fan running problem only happened after upgrading to Windows 10. Therefore we have concluded that this is a bug in the OS (Operating System).

This problem is being reported on the Internet by users of Windows 10. There are a couple of “fixes”.
First is to disable the “Cortana” speech recognition search engine.

The second is to turn off the notifications options on the laptop.

As our customer did not want to lose the Cortana functionality, we decided to turn off the “Notifications and Actions” options. This was achieved by moving the slider from on to off. Launching our investigation, we discovered that the slider was “on” by default.

After turning the slider off and rebooting the laptop, the fan noise was reduced significantly.

Comp-U-Train is hoping that Microsoft will fix this bug as soon as possible.