Multi-task during a PowerPoint presentation

Whilst giving a PowerPoint presentation, have you ever needed to do some research on your computer or the Internet at the same time because you were asked a question but not wanted the delegates to view what you are doing?

If projecting your presentation, the following method will allow your audience delegates to carry on watching the slideshow whilst your multi-tasking is hidden from view.

During the presentation, simply right click the desktop and choose screen, then “Show Taskbar”.

You can also choose to pause the presentation at an important slide if you choose or even present a Black or White screen.

Once the taskbar is visible (only to you), you can then open your Internet Browser or File Explorer to do other tasks!

You can choose to have the Taskbar visible to you through the whole presentation:

1) Open the PowerPoint presentation and click on Slide Show > Set Up Slide Show > select Browsed by an individual (window) > OK

2) Close and re-open the presentation