What is the Microsoft Office free trial?

A customer of ours called us enquiring about the free trial icon that is showing on the desktop of her new laptop computer.

The “Free Trial” is just that. It gives you 30 days from when you first run the programme to try it out. After that, the trial expires and you’ll get the opportunity to buy and download the normal version. Please note that you cannot convert the free trial into a normal version simply by purchasing a registration key and entering that into the trial version.

You must download the normal version which can be quite a few GBs in size! If your Internet connection is slow, or you are on a capped data plan, then we recommend that you buy a retail version from either your favourite online store or computer shop.

Please note that before installing the normal version, you must first uninstall the trial version or you will receive an error. Rest assured that any documents that you have created with the trial version will not be deleted when you unistall the trial version.