Computer can’t see Wi-Fi printer

We visited a customer who wanted to use their printer over their home Wi-Fi network. Previously they had connected the printer using a USB connection but had discovered that the printer was Wi-Fi capable.

The problem was that they could not get the printer working when connected by Wi-Fi even though they had used the printer’s front display controls to join their Wi-Fi network successfully.

The issue is that the computer must be loaded with the correct driver so that it can interact with the printer wirelessly.

The way to resolve the problem is to connect the printer back up to the computer using the USB cable and then run the installation CD that came with the printer. At the beginning of the printer softare installation process you will see an option to connect the printer by cable or wirelessly. The trick is to this time choose the Wi-Fi option  and allow the printer’s Wi-Fi drivers to be installed.

The installation process will first guide you through helping the printer rejoin the Wi-Fi network and then set up the computer to see the printer over the network.