How to resize Hard Drive Partitions

A customer called us recently concerned that he was getting low disk space error messages.
When he bought his computer a few years ago, a friend had partitioned the hard drive into two partitions namely C: and D: at a ratio of 50/50. The C: Primary active drive contained the OS (Operating System) and the D: drive was for his data.

He wanted to know if he could increase the size of the C: partition to 70/30 and how to go about doing it if it was possible. The important thing to check is the amount of unused space left on the D: drive which will tell you how much you can donate to the C: drive.

Upon receiving the computer in our shop we set about resizing the partitions. Firstly and I can’t stress this enough, make sure you back up any important files that are on the hard disk in case something happens during the resizing process. If a partition is corrupted during the resizing then you could lose all of your valuable data!

If you want to do the resizing yourself, then I recommend the free for personal use partition tool called “Easeus Partiton Master” which you can download from here

After you have installed this partitioning tool and run it, the trick is that you firstly need to choose the D: drive by clicking on the D: partition at the top of the programme window. Next, drag the handle on the left hand side to the right which will free up space at the beginning of the D: drive. You can then click on the C: drive and drag the handle on the right hand side all the way to the end which will then use the space which has been vacated from the D: drive.