How to disable Acer Empowering Technology toolbar

We had a customer who called us complaining that their new Acer laptop would show the “Acer Empowering Technology” toolbar on the desktop every time they booted their computer. They didn’t like the way the toolbar cluttered up their desktop and were not happy that Acer had not asked for permission  to show this toolbar nor offered a way to easily disable the toolbar.

For reasons only known to Acer, they don’t offer an easy method to disable the toolbar.

Upon arriving at the customer’s home who was just about ready to pull his hair out, we firstly looked in the “Startup” folder which you can view by going start > Programs > Startup. Left click to open the Startup folder. Right click the “Acer Empowering Technology” entry. Left click and select “delete” followed by the Ok button. This will send the entry to the Recycle Bin. Finally, restart your computer and you’ll see that the toolbar has now gone!

We feel that this method is much easier than delving into the Startup items using the Windows “msconfig” tool as that is the long way around to accomplish this task.

If you want to manually view the taskbar again you can double left click the Acer Empowering Technology entry in the Acer folder under start > Programs.