Windows Offline CD “Your PC needs to restart….” error

We have had a couple of cases with not being able to use the Windows Offline CD disc and observe the following error when booting up the computer from the CD:

Your PC needs to restart….
Error Code: 0x0000005D

This error is due to older computer CPU (Computer Processing Unit aka the brain) either not having enough RAM (Random Access Memory) or not supporting a feature called “NX”. If you see this error then another excellent alternative is the Dr.Web Live CD which you can obtain at this website:

This CD will download as a “iso” image file which you must then burn to a CD. To do this, you can use one of the many free image burning programmes such as Imgburn which you can obtain here:

Windows 7 comes with its own image burning software so you will only need a third party image burning programme if your computer’s OS is XP or Vista.

An interesting caveat to the Malware detection process, was that half way through the Malware scan, the keyboard and mouse stopped working. We deduced that it was because the keyboard and mouse used the old PS/2 connection rather than USB and the drivers which tells the computer how to interact with the hardware had been unloaded for some reason. As PS/2 devices are not “hot swappable” we couldn’t do an “unplug replug” to try to fix the problem. To rectify this situation, we plugged a wired USB mouse into the computer and we were able to complete the Malware removal process.