Can’t update Internet Explorer v6 to v8 in XP SP3

Today we had a curious tech support call from a customer.

As Microsoft will soon be discontinuing all support for the XP OS (Operating System) from April 8th, 2014, they wanted to upgrade the Internet Explorer browser version 6 to version 8 which is the most secure.

Unfortunately, every time they tried to install v8, they received an error that the installation had failed and that they would have to manually download an update called KB932823. When they tried to do this, they received the following error message:

“Setup has detected that the Service Pack version of this system is newer than the update you are applying”

After much investigation on the Internet, I came across this wonderful blog:

Following the author’s instruction, I went into the computer’s BIOS setup by pressing the f2 key at boot up and temporarily disabled the multi-core processing. I then attempted to install v8 and low and behold the upgrade worked!

Finally, after successfully upgrading the browser to v8 I went back into the BIOS and reenabled the multi-core processing.

You can download IE version 8 directly from Microsoft here