We use and highly recommend ARM.it!

Comp-U-Train uses and highly recommends the ICT services of ARM.it here in Johannesburg, South Africa.

ARM.it offers excellent value for money Internet data packages, as a bolt-on to your Telkom Internet service. Telkom provides and maintains the hardline infrastructure, that carries the Internet data signal to and from your home. An analogy is to think of the water supply to your home. Your local water supply company provides and maintains the water pipe infrastructure to your neighbourhood. The Internet data is like the water that is carried through the water pipes. You can now understand that the infrastructure and the Internet data signal are two different animals. Even though Telkom can also sell you an Internet data package, ARM.it’s data packages are much more suitable for your specific use.

Looking for more speed? ARM.it are also able to offer FTTH (Fibre To The Home) and FTTB (Fibre To The Building) via its Fibre division FibrIT (contact [email protected] for more information)

The full list of ICT services that are offered by ARM.it are:

  • FTTH (Fibre To The Home) and FTTB (Fibre To The Building)
  • Domains, Email, Web Site Hosting, DDNS, Web Site Design
  • Small Business Support & Private Computer Support
  • Microsoft Small Business Server Solution Specialists
  • Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Solutions
  • VPN & Secure Server/Desktop access Services/Setups
  • Registered ANTI-VIRUS Solutions for Home & Business (Large/Small)
  • Registered & Certified Backup Solution Engineers for Home & Business (Large/Small)
  • Server, Workstation & Thin Client Suppliers
  • Software & Program Supply, Install, Maintain, Repair
  • Networking (Cable & Wireless) Supply, Install, Maintain, Repair
  • Data & Lost Files, Folders, Backups Recovery
  • Data & File Transfer (Hard Drive Upgrades-setup with no changes to your personal profile)
  • Printer Supply, Installation, Setup & Consumables
  • New Computer Supply and Repairs
  • Insurance Claim Repairs
  • On-Site Service
  • Remote Desktop Support via Internet/VPN
  • Software Affiliate Training Available

Please contact ARM.it for assistance in providing you with the correct IT solution!