Google AdSense ads not showing

For some reason, the Google AdSense ads that normally appear on our website stopped being displayed.

Please understand that every day that the ads don’t show, means less ad revenue being generated which affects our bottom line. It was therefore of paramount importance that I fix the issue.

After following all of the troubleshooting procedures listed on the Google AdSense website I was still none the wiser. Even the Google support team was stumped!

After brainstorming the problem for a few days, I noticed that the Internet address (aka URL) for Computrain ( that is typed into your web browser address bar, was being redirected to an “Alias URL” of “”.

Consequently, the URL that Google AdSense has on file, does not match the Alias URL which is called up by the Google AdSense scripting code that is integrated into every Computrain webpage. To compound matters, Google does not even recognise the Alias URL as a legitimate TLD (Top Level Domain).

I consulted our webhosting company to find out that our website had been migrated to an upgraded server. This new server was superior but a caveat was that it necessitated us being issued an “Alias URL” in the interim, as the migration of moving servers and redirecting the Internet traffic was being carried out.

Once this Alias redirection was deleted, the ads returned to being displayed as normal…hooray!

URL = Uniform Resource Locator