Can’t update Adobe Flash Player

We received a call from a customer that had not been able to update their Adobe Flash player.

This player enables the viewing of streaming media videos on websites such as YouTube and Facebook.

The customer kept receiving a pop-up notice telling her that there was a new version of the player available and to go to a download link. However, whenever she tried to go to link using her cell/mobile phone data connection and initiate the updating process it would fail.

When we retrieved the customer’s laptop we tried updating the player using our ADSL connection but also received a message telling that the update had failed.

Suspecting a corruption in the Flash player software, we decided to uninstall the player using a special Adobe uninstaller. After this was completed, we then tried downloading and installing the latest version of the player and this was successful.

A caveat to this updating message is there was a malware message going around, that if you visited certain websites showing video, you would be told that your Flash player needed updating. The message gave you a link to click on and when you did that, malware was downloaded to your computer. If you ever get a message telling you that your player needs updating, please go Adobe’s website to check whether you have the latest version or not and download it from there if needs be.