SSL (Accept all certificates)

We recently attended a trouble call where a customer could not send or receive her Google Gmail on her Tablet.
She stated that this situation had existed for over a year!
Her laptop needed to go in for repair and desperately needed to be able to use her Tablet to work with her email.

First step was to confirm the Google email configuration settings on her Tablet. It had been set for IMAP email service and all of the settings looked correct. However when I pressed the send/receive circular icon on her Tablet, I immediately saw an error message appearing, saying that the email was not secure.
As part of my troubleshooting, I changed the security setting to SSL (Accept All Certificates) which worked! This setting is not acceptable because it can introduce and insecure situation because the use could be downloading or sending their emails to a non-secure server which could be run by someone with nefarious intentions.
Because SSL uses a security certificate which relies on a correct date to authenticate it, I suspected that the Tablet’s certificate had a timing problem. One cause is that the timing of the Tablet is not correct so that when the Tablet tries to authenticate the certificate in order to synchronize with Google’s email servers, it fails.
A quick look at the Tablet’s date & time settings showed that it had been set to the year 2004 despite it being 2020!
After correcting the time, the Tablet was able to correct to Google and she was able to send and receive her emails with the secure SSL settings.