Windows Defender Offline CD

Sadly, some Malware cannot be removed conventionally by anti-malware aka anti-virus software. Luckily, Microsoft has come to the rescue by allowing you to create a boot up CD disc that will remove this malware. This CD has its own anti-Malware operating system included and will allow you to fix any problems before they have had a chance to take hold.

The procedure is to download the Windows Defender Offline software and then create a boot up disc. Please make sure that you download the correct version of the software. You can obtain the necessary software from this website:

After you have created the boot up CD disc, you insert this disc into your computer’s CD drive and boot up your computer. The computer will read from the CD before the OS (Operating System) is loaded and clean the Malware automatically. It can do this because the operating system has not been loaded yet and therefore the Malware files have not had a chance to hide themselves since they need the operating system to run. An analogy is that you need to change your socks whilst wearing shoes but you are not allowed to remove your shoes.

If your computer boots directly to Windows as usual instead of the CD disc, you will need to set your computer to boot from the CD drive first. (This could be the “del”; “ctrl+del” keys or even the F2; F10 or F12 key). You change this ooot bsetting in your computer’s BIOS (Basic Input Output System) menu and you can access it by pressing a certain key combination when you first turn on your computer. After you access the BIOS menu, look for the “Boot” tab. Here you will find the necessary option. If you are still not able to access your computer’s BIOS menu, then please consult your user manual.

To save you time, please download the latest version of the Windows Defender software prior to repairing your computer, as it will ensure that the anti-Malware software contains the latest virus and spyware definitions.

You can use an older version of the software and click the “Update” button under the “Update” tab, in order to download the latest virus and spyware definitions. If you get an error that the software can’t connect to the server, please try connecting an Ethernet cable between your computer & the router as we have found that using the Wi-Fi connection usually fails.