Improve your TV sound

My husband and I decided to buy a new LED backlit television for Christmas to replace our aging CRT TV. Unfortunately the sound quality of our new 32″ panel was poor in comparison to our old TV. In order to try to improve the sound quality, we did research on the new “Soundbars” that have come into the market. Unfortunately, most of them were quite expensive and out of our price range.

I told my husband that I had an idea about how to improve your tv sound which was to buy a 2.1 (Left + Right + Subwoofer) Logitech computer speaker system. This simply plugged into the televison’s 3.5mm headphone jack. Because we are using the headphone jack, the sound volume is still controlled by our TV remote control. The other thing that we discovered is that when our TV is viewing a HD source via the HDMI connection, the sound is not available on the normal Red and White RCA AV connectors. Using the TV’s headphone jack solved this problem.

The sound quality is now much better and we spent significantly less for this speaker system vis-a-vis a Soundbar!